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Cortec offers a wide range of equipment designed and manufactured for the drilling industry. 

From Industry standard to custom components and equipment, we're here to meet your requirements across the UK and beyond.


With over 70 years of experience in the design and manufacture of equipment for the drilling industry, in that time we have designed and produced everything from completed down hole Bottom Hole Assemblies to Power Swivels.

With a depth of knowledge in the industry, we are well placed to provide you with the the parts you need quickly without sacrificing quality.

At Cortec we pride ourselves in providing fast reaction, fast turnaround subs and towing adaptors as the industry demands, we often keep stock of regularly used materials and the most popular sub types to keep you working in the field.

Drilling Equipment: About
Drilling Equipment: Headliner

We Offer:

Horizontal directional drilling

We offer:

Drill Pipe 

Sub Adaptors

Towing Adaptors

Rock Bits

Hole Openers 


Offshore geotechnical 

We offer:

Drill Pipe 

Sub Adaptors

Saver Subs

Float Subs

Drill Collars

Drive Flanges

Bottom Hole Assemblies

 core sampling equipment

We offer:

Drill Pipe


Wireline Equipment 

reverse circulation equipment

We offer:

Reverse Circulation Drill Pipe

Blow Up Subs

Blow Down Subs

Non Magnetic Rods


High-quality manufacturing drilling components large and small


Friction Welded Drill Rods

Cortec offers a range of friction welded Drill Rods, manufactured by ourselves in the UK, sourcing the correct, fully traceable materials and using official gauges, we produce a wide range of drill rods from 1 to 3 metres.


We offer an exceptional design service comprising 3D solid models and 2D AutoCAD drawings. This allows us to produce complex components from a customer sample.


Parts small and large, manufactured at our workshop in Mansfield. By managing the entire process in-house, we can ensure every piece meets our extremely high quality standards.


We're proud experts in specialist thread cutting. Our knowledge extends everything from large diameter metric threads to specialist taper threads such as API, Ditchwitch and Vermeer.

Large batch of engineered components

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